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The sewing portal “Pattern – ready-made patterns” is the official website of the design studio of Andrey Ardatiev

On the pages of our site we will share with you the secrets of tailoring, we will tell you about the design and modeling of women’s, men’s, children’s clothing. The latest news in the world of fashion, videos and photo reviews of the latest collections of famous fashion designers. Workshops on sewing, knitting, patchwork and needlework. Fabrics, accessories, applied materials, sewing equipment, accessories for sewing machines and much more.

All patterns (patterns) posted on our resource are professional patterns for industrial designs. Our main advantages are a constantly updated pattern base, simple navigation, the ability to download and print a pattern on a home printer.

We have created a catalog of light industry enterprises “Sewing World”, in which you can simply and quickly get the information you are interested in about the manufacturers of clothing, fabric, accessories and sewing equipment. By adding your company to the catalog, you will find new customers, suppliers of goods and business partners.

If you have any questions about the design or technology of sewing clothes, join the sewing forum of our website, we will be happy to share our experience and answer all your questions. On the Forum of our site, you can chat, share your experience or get advice from masters, meet and make friends with the same interests.

Do you want as many people as possible to know about your works, products, goods or services? Looking for your target audience? Create your page on the sewing portal “Pattern – ready patterns (Sewing Patterns)”! Blogs are a special section and are intended for users to publish their materials and organize discussions.

Our main advantages are a constantly updated pattern base, simple navigation, the ability to download and print a pattern on a home printer.


Andrey Ardatiev’s design studio produces clothes under the ANAVE trademark.

We offer our services for the manufacture of knitwear of any complexity from high quality raw materials in large and small batches. We provide services for the selection of materials, accessories, construction and gradation of patterns, production of prototypes. Any lot from 10 units in size is accepted.

High quality, modern equipment. The range of clothing models is constantly being updated. We offer a wide selection of stylish men’s, women’s, children’s clothing and clothes for expectant mothers.

We produce jumpers, jackets, blouses, suits, dresses, skirts, trousers, clothes for promotions, corporate and image clothes (T-shirts, raglans, polos, tracksuits, etc.) with full-color printing of any images (photos, company logos, emblems and symbols), as well as computer embroidery.

The design studio of Andrey Ardatiev offers its services for the development of patterns for women’s, men’s and children’s clothing.

– Development of a basic set of clothing patterns based on sketches, samples and photographs.

– Gradation (technical reproduction) of patterns in size and height.

– Layout of patterns, taking into account the width, pattern and shrinkage of the material.

– Drawing up a technical description for the model.

– Manufacturing of prototypes (models).

– Specification of details, development of a timesheet.

Our partners:

TM “AnaVe” is a manufacturer of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing.
Fashion designers: O. Karavanskaya, L. Kislenko, A. Zalevsky, D. Dorozhkina, V. Anisimov, Olena Dats;
TM “TUSO” … A network of multi-brand stores in Ukraine;
TM “PICH & amp; GANA “(children’s clothing);
TM” HDG High Design Group “;
Trading House “MODNY KVARTAL”. The first Ukrainian chain, which is practically the only buyer in Ukraine working directly with designers. In the multi-brand stores of the MODNY KVARTAL Trading House, the second lines of clothing exclusively by Ukrainian designers are presented: Z – Zalevsky, Olena Dats’ Gallery, Kvartal 95-casual, HDG – High Design Group, Lyudmila Kislenko, AN-2 “- Viktor Anisimov and others;
Studio 95 Quarter;
TM” Olymp “,” Prime “,” Vdala “,” Mistel “;
Singer Vladimir Grishko;
Advertising agency “Super Nova”;
Contest “Miss Europe-2006”;
Charitable Foundation of Vera Brezhneva “LUCH OF VERA”;
Hockey club “SOKOL”;
TM “Anastasia” (children’s clothes) ;;
TM “Mom’s Style” (clothes for expectant mothers);
TM “NY 77 Design”

We will answer all your questions! Write to  forum.vykroyka@mail.ru

Respectfully yours, the administration of the site “Pattern – Ready patterns”.

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