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– Development of a basic set of clothing patterns based on sketches, samples and photographs.

– Gradation (technical reproduction) of patterns in size and height.

– Layout of patterns, taking into account the width, pattern and shrinkage of the material.

– Drawing up a technical description for the model.

– Manufacturing of prototypes (models).

– Specification of details, development of a timesheet.

Our partners:

TM “AnaVe” is a manufacturer of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing.
Fashion designers: O. Karavanskaya, L. Kislenko, A. Zalevsky, D. Dorozhkina, V. Anisimov, Olena Dats;
TM “TUSO” … A network of multi-brand stores in Ukraine;
TM “PICH & amp; GANA “(children’s clothing);
TM” HDG High Design Group “;
Trading House “MODNY KVARTAL”. The first Ukrainian chain, which is practically the only buyer in Ukraine working directly with designers. In the multi-brand stores of the MODNY KVARTAL Trade House, the second lines of clothing exclusively by Ukrainian designers are presented: Z – Zalevsky, Olena Dats’ Gallery, Kvartal 95-casual, HDG – High Design Group, Lyudmila Kislenko, AN-2 “- Victor Anisimov and others;
Studio 95 Kvartal;
TM” Olymp “,” Prime “,” Vdala “,” Mistel “;
Singer Vladimir Grishko;
Advertising agency “Super Nova”;
Contest “Miss Europe-2006”;
Charitable Foundation of Vera Brezhneva “LUCH OF VERA”;
Hockey club “SOKOL”;
TM “Anastasia” (children’s clothes) ;;
TM “Mom’s Style” (clothes for expectant mothers);
TM “NY 77 Design”

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